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A revolutionary hydrofoil

Mantaray introduces the M25, a hydrofoil boat that sets a new standard for innovation and environmental awareness in the maritime world. With our proven hydrofoil technology, you’ll experience the joy of gliding effortlessly above the water, powered by a fully mechanical, self-stabilizing system that is reliable and fun to drive.

Unique hydrofoil system

Mantaray's patented hydrofoil system – Dynamic Wing Technology®, or DWT, has been developed and tested for over a decade. The DWT is a self-stabilizing hydrofoil and completely mechanical system that merges simplicity with performance.

Thanks to the ingenious and fully mechanical solution, DWT has been proven extremely reliable and robust – keeping maintenance and support at a minimum.

Excellent performance

The Mantaray M25 delivers fantastic performance with only a 70 hp engine, significantly smaller than those found in similar, non-foiling, boats. This is due to its hydrofoil system, which substantially decreases energy and power needs. The benefits of using a standard petrol engine include user-friendly operation and straightforward servicing with numerous service points.



7.70 m / 25 ft 3 in
2.50 m / 8 ft 2 in
Weight (w/o engine)
850 kg / 1 875 lbs
Weight (w. engine, full fuel tank)
1 100 kg / 2 425 lbs
Max load
600 kg / 1 325 lbs
Max foiling weight
1 700 kg / 3 750 lbs
Fuel Capacity
100 l / 26.5 US gal
Fuel Consumption
0.35-0.40 l / NM
@ cruising speed
approx. 250 NM
5-7 passengers
No. of seats
6 seats
Cruising Speed
25-30 knots
Top Speed
35 knots
70-115 hp
Glass Fibre, Carbon Fibre
Available Colors


Jockey seats
Ullman seats
10" Garmin display
16" Garmin display
Steering wheel from Isotta
Interior lighting
Auto trim
USB-C charging port
Cushion kit
Fender list
Cushion chapel
Grab rails
Harbor chapel
Rescue ladder

It’s all in the details

The Mantaray M25 provides all the convenience of a user-friendly, walk-around boat. The access from both stern and bow is effortless, ensuring safety and comfort at every step. Inside, the spacious layout invites you to move freely or settle in at the centre console, while you are shielded from wind and water. Plus, with its large T-Top, you’re protected – whether it’s from the sun or a sudden downpour.

About hydrofoil boats

Hydrofoils are wing-like structures that harness the power of speed to elevate the Mantaray M25 above the waves. As velocity increases, drag diminishes thanks to a reduced wetted surface area, significantly lowering energy requirements compared to traditional boats.

This has several positive effects:

– Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are cut by up to 70%.
– Requires a smaller, more economical engine.
– Reduced engine size translates to lower investment and maintenance costs.
– Minimum wake. Simply, enjoy a more affordable and environmentally friendly boating experience.

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A proven concept

With the Mantaray M24, we proved the stability, reliability, and fun driving with our fully mechanical, self-stabilizing, hydrofoil solution.

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