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Ready for take-off?

Mantaray’s hydrofoil lifts the hull out of the water allowing for a smooth glide. You’ll feel as if you’re flying in silence, whilst being environmentally friendly and exceptionally comfortable.

Cut through the waves, listen to the wind, and be proud that you’re minimizing your environmental impact.

Unique hydrofoil

Mantaray's unique and patented hydrofoil system – Dynamic Wing Technology®, DWT – has been developed and tested for over a decade.

DWT is a self-stabilizing and completely mechanical hydrofoil solution. You receive instant feedback on your maneuvers and the boat’s movements and enjoy unparalleled driving pleasure.

Mannerfelt design

The Mannerfelt Design Team ensures that form and function go hand in hand in the design of Mantaray M24. Their experience designing fast racing boats with low air resistance and the best possible performance has resulted in a boat with fantastic driving dynamics and operational efficiency.


Length (incl engine)
7.35 m (7.80 m)
2.3 m
1150 kg
5 people
Cruising speed
25 knots
Top speed
+ 30 knots
70-115 hp
Self-stabilizing, retractable
Hull (foils)
Glass fibre (Carbon fibre)
Mannerfelt Design Team

The future is now

With a commitment to the environment and nature, Mantaray paves the way for the future of boating.

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About Mantaray

We focus on leveraging technology and market demands to the end users’ advantage. With the Mantaray M24 we proved the stability, reliability, and fun driving with our fully mechanical, self-stabilizing, hydrofoil solution. Alexander Sahlin, co-founder of Mantaray, knew that reducing the area of any boat’s wetted surface area is key to reducing friction and thereby lowering energy consumption. That’s why he designed the completely self-regulating mechanical hydrofoil system – our patented Dynamic Wing Technology®, or DWT. DWT has been developed and tested for over a decade, giving you instant feedback on your maneuvers and the boat’s movements and letting you enjoy unparalleled driving pleasure. 

A hydrofoil boat, like the Mantaray M24, constructed with conventional materials and optimized for standard petrol engines can offer significant price competitiveness, making it affordable and accessible for the broad market. With the Mantaray M25, we’re opening up the entire boat market with a solution which reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, presenting a win-win scenario for both our climate and boat enthusiasts.

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