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Boating without pollution

That's our dream

However, we recognize that achieving this dream won’t be a straightforward journey. Our approach is not just about embracing innovation but championing affordable and accessible solutions that significantly mitigate climate impact. Our hydrofoil technology exemplifies this ethos. By optimizing the energy expenditure of boats, we achieve remarkable gains in eco-efficiency.

The two keys to our approach lie in the insight that the true environmental breakthrough comes from reducing the energy needs, not just swapping the energy source. And secondly, the price tag must be relevant for many users to make any meaningful difference.

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About hydrofoiling boats

Hydrofoils are wing-like structures that harness the power of speed to elevate hydrofoiling boats above the waves. As velocity increases, drag diminishes thanks to a reduced wetted surface area, significantly lowering energy requirements compared to traditional boats. This has several positive effects:

– Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are cut by up to 70%.
– Requires a smaller, more economical engine.
– Reduced engine size translates to lower investment and maintenance costs.
– Minimum wake. Enjoy a more affordable and environmentally friendly boating experience.

About Mantaray

We leverage technology and market demands to the end users’ advantage. With the Mantaray M24, we proved the stability, reliability, and fun factor with our fully mechanical, self-stabilizing, hydrofoil solution. Alexander Sahlin, co-founder of Mantaray, knew that reducing the area of any boat’s wetted surface area is key to reducing friction and thereby lowering energy consumption. But he also anticipated the challenges with sensors, engines, and software in a marine environment. Not to mention the increased production cost or risk of failure. That's why our patented foiling system, DWT- Dynamic Wing Technology- is mechanical and self-stabilizing. In 2023-2024 significant improvements have been made on the small foil in the bow. With a completely submerged foil comfort and efficiency gains are tangible. DWT has been developed and tested for over a decade, giving you instant feedback on your manoeuvres and the boat’s movements and letting you enjoy unparalleled driving pleasure.

A hydrofoil boat, like the Mantaray M25, constructed with conventional materials and optimized for standard petrol engines can offer significant price competitiveness, making it affordable and accessible for the broad market. With the Mantaray M25, we’re opening up the entire boat market with a solution which reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, presenting a win-win scenario for both our climate and boat enthusiasts.

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